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PixaMedApp | Point of Care Mobile App

PixaMed’s point of care mobile App performs full lesion documentation; including image based automatic lesion measurements (Planetary and traditional length and width measurements). Point of care lesion documentation covers assessment, procedures (15), treatment, lab test and diagnostic image ordering.

  • Online / Offline Operations: PixaMed’s App is responsive in connected and non-connected environments.

  • Digital Measurements ( Length, Width, Area, Volume )

  • Tissue Type Classification ( % Slough, % Eschar, Etc. )

  • Multi-Segmented Technology: Accurately measure and track segmented and splitting wounds.

  • Unwrap Technology: Compensating for body curve, 20-50% more accurate

  • Smart Photo Technology, Image Overlay, On-image Annotation, Collaboration

  • Full Point of Care Documentation ( Assessment, Treatment, Procedures (15), Labs )

  • Speech-to-Text Documentation

PixaMedEMR | Electronic Medical Records

PixaMedEMR is a wound care specific EMR incorporating click optimization, visual User Interface (UI), workflow design and documentation automation. PixaMed EMR performs automatic IDC-10 coding and automatic procedure document generation. PixaMed’s ease of documentation results in providers spending less time managing documentation and more time caring for patients.

  • Visual, Click Reduced

  • Easy to use on Web and Mobile

  • Automatic ICD-10 Coding

  • Automatic Documentation

  • Anatomical Location

PixaMedPM | Practice Management

PixaMed’s integrated practice management brings a turn-key solution to the provider. PixaMed’s practice management includes scheduling, patient registration, integrated billing, claims management and clearing house operations.

  • Patient Registration

  • Patient Scheduling

  • Integrated Billing and Claim Management

  • Integrated Clearing House Operations

  • Complete Reporting

myPixaMed | Personal App

  • Get Care

  • Personal Clinical data

  • Personal Profile

  • Test Results

  • Appointments


PixaMed will result in better utilization of healthcare resources and improved health outcomes.


Smart Capture

Photo taken with PixaMed's Smart Capture technology will contain more than just a 2D image. Upon capture, the image will be automatically calibrated for scale and color. Smart Photo is the basis from which latent data (object color, dimensions, size, distance and type) within image is extracted. Learn more.

Smart Photo Analysis Toolset (SPAT)

The Smart Photo Analysis Toolset (SPAT) provides a set of self learning tools that extract latent image data from smart photos. Use PixaMed's SPAT to automatically measure dimensions, area, volume, circumference, texture or color of skin lesions. Learn more.

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Store lesion images, extracted measurements, tissue classification and other relevant wound data to PixaMed's DataDoc. Use PixaMed on a mobile device as an easy data entry for text and voice-to-text documentation. Extract data with ease, via PDF document or spreadsheet. Learn more.

Smart Track

PixaMed's Smart Track will allow skin lesions to be monitored over time. Wound size and other wound parameters tracked graphically and through historical encounter images. Learn more.

PixaMed Analytics System (PMAS)

As lesions are captured, analyzed, measured, and tracked with PixaMed, the PixaMed Analytics System (PMAS) will learn from all collected data. The self learning system will make PixaMed better and better over time. Learn more.

PixaMed Cloud


PixaMed’s point of care device easily integrates into your clinical process and record systems.  Following capture and lesion analysis PixaMed smart images and associated documentation are securely transferred to our HIPAA compliant repository or the institution's on-premise repository for access via the PixaMed Dashboard. The Dashboard allows clinicians instant access to a patient’s information, historical images, and graphical analysis of lesion characteristics. Clinicians can generate and upload a PDF report of lesion documentation and images into EMR software.