Modernizing Wound Care Management

  • Point of Care Mobile App

    With Epic, athenahealth, other EHR interfaces

  • Automatic Digital Measurements

  • Automatic ICD-10 Coding

  • Automatic Documentation

  • Integrated Practice Management

  • Integrated Billing

Visual, Intelligent, Accurate and Efficient



At PixaMed our mission is to modernize wound care management through technology and provider’s relief.

Our wound care Turn-Key solution integrates PixaMed Mobile App (Point of Care), PixaMed EMR, and PixaMed PM (Practice Management) to provide a seamless complete solution for clinics, visiting wound care providers and remote care.

PixaMed’s point of care mobile App performs automatic lesion measurements planetary and traditional length and width measurements using smart photo technology. Point of care lesion documentation includes Assessment, Procedures (15), Treatment and Test/Lab ordering.

PixaMed’s visual and click reduced EMR allows ease of documentation which results in providers spending less time managing documentation and more time caring for patients. PixaMed EMR performs automatic IDC-10 coding and automatic document generation.

PixaMed’s integrated Practice management brings a turnkey solution to the provider. PixaMed’s practice management includes scheduling, patient registration, integrated billing, claims management and clearing house operations.

Our Smart Photo technology establishes “Trust” between provider and the photo representing the patient. We take this representation seriously and earn the Trust by delivering a color calibrated and scale (geometry) calibrated image of the patient’s skin lesion to Provider. Color calibration assures that what you see on image is what you would of observed on skin at patient side. The scale calibration allows provider to use intelligent imaging tools to automatically make planetary measurements of the skin lesion and perform tissue classifications.

 With PixaMed providers and patients will be confident that they will have the best health outcomes.



Doctors primarily depend on skin lesion measurements to assess the healing progress and treatment effectiveness. Today, measurements are estimated with paper rulers. PixaMed digitizes this process and significantly improves measurement accuracy.


Manual rulers with 40% error rate are inaccurate

We turn your mobile device to a medical imaging tool.  Use PixaMed's Patented Smart Photo technology to take scale-aware and color-calibrated photos.  Automatically detect, measure, and track lesions and abnormalities over time. PixaMed's platform is designed for in-patient, outpatient, and home care situations.

PixaMed with higher than 95% accuracy