Modernizing Wound Care EMR

  • Automatic Measurements

  • Automatic Coding

  • Automatic Documentation

    + Integrated Practice Management


Visual, Intelligent, Accurate and Efficient



  • PixaMed EMR was developed grounds up to modernize Wound Care EMR/EHR

  • PixaMed was designed by wound care providers for wound care providers

  • PixaMed's digital lesion measurement and analysis brings accuracy and efficiency to skin lesion evaluation.

  • PixaMed’s visual EMR leaves the world of text based EMR to make charting easy and visual

  • PixaMed’s automatic coding and documentation reduces charting process

  • PixaMed’s Integrated Practice management system relieves you from mundane office management tasks

  • PixaMed integrated Billing and clearing house operations eases the reimbursement process

Providers spend less time managing documentation and more time caring for patients.

 With PixaMed doctors and patients will be confident that they will have the best health outcomes.


Doctors primarily depend on skin lesion measurements to assess the healing progress and treatment effectiveness. Today, measurements are estimated with paper rulers. PixaMed digitizes this process and significantly improves measurement accuracy.


Manual rulers with 40% error rate are inaccurate

We turn your mobile device to a medical imaging device.  Use PixaMed's Patented Smart Photo technology to take scale-aware and color-calibrated photos.  Automatically detect, measure, and track lesions and abnormalities over time. PixaMed's platform is designed for in-patient, outpatient, and home care situations.

PixaMed with higher than 95% accuracy