Backend Node Developer

Position Overview
As a member of the PixaMed Software Engineering team, you'll work closely with other team members, as well as our Product and UX teams build WOW-worthy Web services and Mobile applications.

In particular, you will help us iterate and improve our Mobile platform with backend services and Web site support, work with our Marketing team to bring automation to health care provider work flow.  This position is in the Product and Engineering Department, and reports to the Software Development Manager.

What You’ll Be Accountable For

  • Build web applications according to the requirements established by other team members and UX/UI team
  • Maintain and enhance existing web applications backend services using JavaScript and Node.js
  • Work with Product Managers and User Experience Designers to iteratively improve functionality and styling of web sites
  • Debug and troubleshoot issues with web and mobile products

Your Work DNA

  • You are passionate about all technology, with a special appreciation for beautiful, elegant systems
  • You’re also fun and collaborative, and you have a reputation for doing what you say you’ll do.
  • Others would point to you as someone they’d love to work with, and your inquisitive mind and innovative ideas help the entire team.

Your Skill Set

  • Proficient in JavaScript and Node.js
  • Experience in database management and data modeling
  • AWS Experience
  • Good understanding of design, layout, and usability best practices
  • Experience consuming RESTful services
  • Familiarity with distributed version control such as Git
  • Familiarity with OOP design principles

Life at PixaMed

We take pride in treating our teams like our clients and take every opportunity to WOW you! We provide a standout employee compensation and experience and are committed to never stop thinking of ways to make you feel happy, valued and rewarded.

How to Apply

If interested, please send a note to


About PixaMed
At PixaMed ( we are setting the standard in skin lesion imaging. Our patented smart photo technology brings accuracy, automation and efficiency to skin lesion measurement, assessment and documentation. We serve Wound Care, Dermatology, Optometry and Tele-health markets. Our customers range from individual healthcare providers to hospitals to nursing homes.